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2020 Author Presentations Cancelled

Posted 5/7/2020

2020 has been a terrible year so far, with the spread of the coronavirus, the disruption of the economy, and now, with a new threat brought into the United States by an invasive, non-native species of deadly hornet. Still, even in these dark times of uncertainty, we must never lose hope. Things might be terrible now and the future may look bleak, but, like the mighty dragon, we must find our strength deep within, and be reborn from our very own ashes like the legendary fire bird, the Phoenix.

I was hoping to meet and greet you and sign your copies of DRAGONS, but unfortunately, because of the way events seem to be aligning this year, I have decided to cancel all future author presentations for 2020. I do not wish to compromise your health or mine (especially, since I care for my 80+ year old mother).

I continue working and writing, looking forward to the publishing of the 3rd book of the series, DRAGONS: The Dragon Spirit. I'm also working on a side project related to the series that I hope will be to the delight of you, the fans.

Follow the safety guidelines of your health officials and stay safe.